“A Handbook for Research Methodology: Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies” Book By Dr. Mbithi Mutua On Sale

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The illuminating guide titled “A Handbook for Research Methodology: Quantitative, Mixed, and Qualitative Methodologies” by Dr. Mbithi Mutua is now available for sale at aosars.com (click here). Dr. Mutua’s comprehensive handbook transcends disciplinary boundaries, providing a nuanced understanding of research methodologies, particularly within the context of the social sciences in Africa.

Commencing with a robust foundation, the guide defines key terms and skillfully distinguishes between qualitative and quantitative research, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of research intricacies. The emphasis on contextualizing research within the African social sciences adds a unique and culturally relevant perspective, making this handbook an indispensable tool for scholars in the region.

Navigating through the intricacies of the research process, the handbook addresses crucial elements such as variables, formulation of research objectives, questions, and hypotheses. Dr. Mutua’s guidance extends to the dynamic relationship between literature reviews and the development of data collection instruments, contributing to a holistic understanding of research design.

The ongoing debate between qualitative and quantitative methodologies is thoroughly examined, encompassing various research philosophies like positivism, interpretivism, and pragmatism. This exploration extends to different research designs and methodologies, sampling techniques, data collection strategies, and the complexities of data analysis, presentation, and interpretation.

In the realm of business research, this handbook becomes an indispensable companion. It delineates the implementation of research functions, covering steps and categories, including consultancy research and proposals. Furthermore, it highlights the significance of academic journals, the steps involved in publishing, and strategies for research dissemination.

Ethical considerations, a paramount aspect of any research endeavor, are thoughtfully addressed in the final chapter. Dr. Mutua explores ethical dilemmas, principles, and publication ethics, providing researchers with a comprehensive guide to conducting ethical and responsible research.

Now available for sale at aosars.com, “A Handbook for Research Methodology” is not merely a guide; it is a transformative tool that brings practical insights throughout the research process. Dr. Mbithi Mutua’s contribution fills a crucial gap in the scholarly world, offering a holistic and culturally relevant understanding of research methodologies that will undoubtedly resonate with researchers and scholars alike.

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