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On July 22nd, hosted a dynamic live training session for PhD students  enrolled for the blended course: A Competency-Based Complete Guide to Applied Writing Skills for Doctorate level thesis/dissertations. The focus was on conducting an effective background to the study. Participants, hailing from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia, were revising essential content they had already covered in a self-paced at e learning. The training delved into conceptual arguments about variables and their indicators, as well as exploring relationships between variables within the unit of analysis. skillfully guided students in structuring their ideas to ensure comprehensive coverage and coherence in their write-ups. This was with a view of ensuring adequate and proportinate coverage of key concepts that need to be developed within the background to the study. Geographical dynamics concerning variables and their manifestation were also explored. Challenges faced during the development of the thesis subsection were openly discussed, including limited reference materials for specific locations, supervisor feedback on background length, and distinguishing the background to the study from a literature review.

In a lively and engaging discussion, the participants collaborated on finding solutions to these challenges, creating an impactful and productive session. The next session was scheduled for Saturday, 29th July, 2023 at 2.00 PM EAT, 1.00 PM CAT, 12.00 PM WAT, and 11.00 AM GMT.

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