Aosars Examines Questionnaire Design for PhD Students

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PhD Students, Questionnaire Design

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On July 15th, 2023, Aosars conducted a Zoom training session that served as a remedial for the course “Integrated Statistics and Data Analysis Course for Doctor of Philosophy Students”. The training focused on various aspects of questionnaire design and usage in research.

Participants engaged in robust discussions covering best practices in questionnaire design, sources of questionnaire content, and the importance of validity and reliability aspects. The link between questionnaire content and the conceptual framework, as well as its integration into the rest of the research work, was thoroughly explored.

Furthermore, the training discussed the adoption of questionnaires from various studies and the use of standardized questionnaires, along with the rationale behind such choices. Participants gained insights into how to effectively integrate these questionnaires into their own research projects.

By conceptualizing the possible way forward, the session provided valuable guidance to the students, enhancing their understanding and application of integrated statistics and data analysis in their doctoral studies.

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