Aosars Open Day for Competency-Based Applied Writing Skills Course for Masters and PhD Students

Dissertation Writing, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)

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The Aosars Open Day Zoom Session brought together a diverse group of participants, including Master’s students, PhD candidates, and even lecturers, hailing from countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, and more. This dynamic mix of attendees reflects the widespread interest in the Competency-Based Applied Writing Skills Course. The open day was meant for learners interested  in applied writing course for masters and PhD students. The open day marked the official start of these courses for the September intake.

Challenges in Dissertation Writing:

Among the participants, it was evident that while students often find coursework, including the research methods unit, manageable, they encounter significant challenges when it comes to dissertation writing. These challenges include:

  • Low Utilization of Technology: Many students struggle with integrating technology effectively into their research and writing processes, which can hinder progress and productivity.
  • Inadequate Writing and Critical Thinking Skills: The need to improve both writing and critical thinking skills emerged as a common concern, underscoring the importance of practical skill development.
  1. Inadequate Applied Research Methods: A lack of proficiency in applied research methods poses a barrier to conducting meaningful research and developing a comprehensive dissertation.

Course Content and Logistics:

During the session, participants gained insights into the course content and logistics:

  1. Navigating the E-Learning System: Attendees were educated on how to navigate the e-learning system. This included enrolling in courses, accessing learning materials, and utilizing the community function to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  3. Course Delivery Methods: The session discussed the various methods of course delivery, including pre-recorded sessions, Zoom-based group work, and Zoom facilitator-led sessions. These diverse approaches cater to different learning styles and preferences.
  5. Introduction to Module One: The first module of the course which was on reference materials sourcing was introduced. Participants received hands-on guidance on using university repositories to search for relevant research materials. Real-world examples from Kenyan repositories were used to demonstrate how to efficiently download content from specific repositories or across multiple repositories within Kenya. While most learners could download one repository item at a go, learners were introduced to mass downloading multiple items at once from the a single university or simulatenously across multiple repositories. This was the highlight of the session.

Next Session:

The Aosars team announced the next Zoom session, scheduled for Saturday, 16th September 2023 at 2.00 PM East Africa Time, 1.00 PM Central/Southern Africa Time, 12.00 PM West Africa Time, and 11.00 GMT. Zoom link on the e learning system. Thank You.

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    Leah Mghoi Kirangu
    September 9, 2023

    As always very comprehensive explanation is useful for practical orientation. However, for continuing students could feel a bit repetitive. Maybe in future separate the orientation between new students and continuing students as their needs are different.

      September 10, 2023

      Thank you for your observation and concern. We will effectively work on this.

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