Aosars Orientation (Settling Down) for Competency-Based Applied Writing Skills Course for Masters and PhD Students

Dissertation Writing, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Masters, Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)

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The Aosars Orientation event for Masters and PhD students undertaking applied writing course marked the commencement of an academic journey of significance. The event unfolded as a manifestation of knowledge, fostering camaraderie, and nurturing the seeds of academic excellence.

Mastering the E-learning System

The cornerstone of the orientation was the mastery of the e-learning system, an indispensable tool in their academic journey. Participants were led through the process of:

  • Logging In: Understanding the nuances of logging into the e-learning platform, ensuring that every participant had seamless access to the course materials and resources.
  • Accessing Course Materials: An emphasis was placed on the methodical approach to accessing course materials, enabling participants to harness the vast knowledge repository at their disposal effectively.
  • Accessing Past Zoom Recordings: Navigating the archive of past Zoom recordings was elucidated, allowing participants to revisit and consolidate their understanding of course content.
  • Accessing Group Work Invitations: The process of accessing group work invitations was made clear, ensuring active participation and collaboration among students.
  • Accessing Zoom Link Invitations: Understanding how to access Zoom link invitations was crucial, as they formed an integral part of live sessions and discussions.
  • Utilizing the Alumni Group: Participants were introduced to the in-house group tailored for alumni of the course within the e-learning system, enabling networking and knowledge sharing among graduates.
  • Leveraging Events and News: The utility of the events and news sections within the e-learning system was demonstrated, ensuring that participants remained informed about important course updates and events.

Facilitating Group Dynamics

Collaboration emerged as a central theme, epitomized by the selection of group leaders, who included Noel Seda (from Kenya), Dorcas Pearl (from Ghana), and Rabecca Siakabizi (from Zambia). Their selection signified a commitment to fostering an environment where collective wisdom, emanating from diverse geographic origins, would unlock innovative vistas and harness the latent brilliance within each participant.

Embracing Competency-Based Training

At the heart of the orientation lay the ethos of competency-based training, a pedagogical approach that accords paramount importance to practical skills. Merely acquiring knowledge was deemed insufficient; participants were summoned to master the intricate art of applied writing. Their portfolios would serve as tangible evidence of their expertise, chronicling their progression as accomplished practitioners in their chosen field.

Effective Email Communication

A key component of communication within the course is email correspondence. Emphasis was placed on the importance of automated emails in diverse aspects of the course. Timely response to these emails was underscored as crucial to the course’s smooth operation. Mitigating the risk of emails landing in spam folders was also highlighted, given that email constituted one of the primary communication channels.

Furthermore, participants were encouraged to utilize the group alumni portion within the e-learning platform for posting queries, sharing insights, and presenting their portfolios of competences related to assignments. This forum promised to facilitate collaborative learning and knowledge exchange among peers.

Harmonizing Cohorts

The inaugural cohort would engage in extended sessions within the forthcoming month, solidifying their grasp of the course. This extra-lengthy zoom session will involve the actual write for the research proposal. The impending cohort, poised to embark on their own academic journey, eagerly awaited their progression from Module I, poised to build upon the achievements of their predecessors.

Revision on use of E Repositories

The group undertook a revision on use of electronic repositories as a means of sourcing for the reference materials

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