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Today, the African Online School of Applied Research Skills (AOSARS) has marked an important milestone in its development with the appointment of Dr. Martin Kimemia as the Executive Director.  Dr Kimemia full profile is available here.  He is expected to  to lead efforts in the following strategic thematic areas:

  • Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Top Talent Across Africa: Dr. Kimemia will spearhead initiatives to attract and retain top talent from across the continent to join AOSARS.
  • Strengthening Corporate Governance Structure: He will take charge of enhancing the corporate governance structure of AOSARS to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency in operations.
  • Navigation of Regulatory Dynamics in Key Markets: Dr. Kimemia will adeptly navigate the diverse regulatory landscapes across different African markets to ensure compliance and smooth operations.
  • Establishment of Publishing Infrastructure: Overseeing the establishment of robust publishing infrastructure, including journals, publishing presses, and conference proceedings, to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and research outputs.
  • Enhancing Events and Strategic Partnerships: Dr. Kimemia will lead efforts to enhance AOSARS’s presence through strategic partnerships and events, fostering collaborations with other institutions and organizations to further its objectives and reach a wider audience.

Dr. Martin Kimemia’s leadership will drive these strategic thematic areas, positioning AOSARS for continued growth and impact in the field of applied research skills in Africa.

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