A Complete Guide to Citation and Referencing Using Mendeley Desktop Software

a complete guide to
citation and referencing using
mendeley desktop software

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who is the course for?


Postgraduate students will learn on how to automate their citation and reference lists in their research work.


Academics continuously undertake research work as part of their work productivity. Course will empower them on automated citation and referencing.


Course will enhance the university librarians skills in referencing and citation management.


Research supervisors will gain critical referencing and citation skills using Mendeley thus enabling them to adequately guide their students.

Enrollment validity: 60 days

Course outline

Course Instructions

1-2 Hours per Week.


60 Days from Enrollment Da

Video Lessons.

Certificate of Completion provided on course completion. 


  • Stable internet connectivity.

Below are important links to softwares that you will require in this course.

The course supports peer-to-peer interaction and networking for scholars across Africa. All present and past students for this course will be auto enrolled to the “Mendeley Alumni Group”. All assignments and peer-to-peer interactions should be posted in the group. The group is visible only to members enrolled to the course and is accessible under the “my community” option in the menu. 

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  • Use the course alumni group (which hosts both current and past students of the course) to ask any question specifically related to the course.  This option is only available for students already already enrolled in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a largely subjective question as diverse scholars may have different preferences based on exposure levels within the universities, ease of use, and price dynamics.

We however recommend Mendeley Desktop due to the additional utilities such as Sieve-and-Write methodology and integration with Letter Number Permutation Article Mining Methodology that are taught in other courses in this platform. 


The automated payment mechanisms available is through use of ATM Cards (Visa and Mastercard etc), Mpesa Global, and PayPal Options.

Manual payment options are available as per the second bulletin

NB: Automated payment implies that on payment for the course, the learner is auto-enrolled to the course without the need for instructor intervention. For the manual payment option, the instructor will manually enroll the student to the course upon receipt of payments.


Yes, we do support manual payment for select local currency payment options. Contact us on the chat function the bottom right of this page for guidance on the same.

This is a self-paced course. Contact us incase of any queries.

No. The materials will only be accessible through the eLearning platform and for the prescribed period.


You will have access to the materials for a period of 60 calendar days since the date of enrollment.

No. We encourage the learners to finalize the course in the allocated time. We encourage high commitment levels to the learning process to facilitate your graduation in a timely manner. 


This is a fully online course with all the interactions designed to be undertaken online.  


Yes, this is possible by contacting the facilitator. The cost and terms may however vary from those of this course.


No. We often undertake various courses that are free in nature while others such as the current course are paid for in nature. This enables the sustainability of our programs. We, however, hope to roll out financial aid programs such as scholarships towards the third quarter of 2023.


The learning materials will be accessible from the date of course commencent.


The course materials are accessible under the e-learning option in the menu and later clicking on my courses in the submenu.


The certificates will automatically be generated and emailed to you by the system upon successful completion of the course.

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