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Dr. Martin Kimemia Gathiru, the Vice-Chancellor of Mount Kigali University Rwanda (MKUR), is a highly accomplished academic leader with extensive experience in university management. With a Ph.D. in Business Administration, he has played a crucial role in transitioning MKUR into a fully-chartered university, establishing governance bodies, and launching innovative programs. Dr. Kimemia’s transformative leadership has revitalized academic offerings, embraced online education, and driven infrastructure development. He has also forged strategic partnerships to enhance MKUR’s global presence. His expertise in financial planning, operational efficiency, grant acquisition, regulatory compliance, and research optimization makes him a valuable asset for advancing higher education and research at MKUR. It is these bouquet of skills and experience that AOSARS will tap from him as the executive director.

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As Executive Director at AOSARS, Dr. Martin Kimemia Gathiru will apply his extensive university management experience to establish transparent governance mechanisms and implement best practices. His leadership is expected to position AOSARS as a pre-eminent research organization in Africa, enhancing its reputation and influence. Dr. Kimemia will prioritize operational excellence by optimizing processes, including events management and journal systems, while advocating for superior technology adoption. Additionally, he will leverage his human resource skills to foster a culture of collaboration and excellence, ensuring AOSARS attracts and retains top talent. Overall, his vision is to drive AOSARS towards becoming a leading force in African research, characterized by integrity, innovation, and impactful contributions to knowledge advancement on the continent.


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Completed Masters Research Projects
1. RWIGEMA ISRAEL: An Assessment Of Management Function Application On Government Development Project Case Of PADAB In Bugesera District

2. BATEYO ASUMAN: The Impact Of Restructuring On Corporate Transformation: Case Of National Agricultural Export Development Board(NAEB)-2012

3. KAYITERA CANISIUS: Merging Project Implementation Units And The Projects Performance In Rwanda: A Case Of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) Simple Project
Implementation Units(SPIU)

4. NTEZIRYAYO SIMEON: The Role Of Financial Ration Analysis In Decision Making: Case Study Of Blarirwa S.A

5. NDAYISABYE LAURENT: Strategic Planning And Financial Performance Of A Company: Case Study Of EWSA

6. JOSEPH HEZRON LIBULI: Influence Of Strategic Plans On Organizational Performance Of Secondary Schools On Rwanda, Case Of Nyarugenge District.

Ongoing PhD Research Projects

7. RUTH CHEPKEMEI: Effects of Blue Ocean Strategy on Performance of counties in Kenya: A Case of Counties in Nairobi Metropolitan Region

Ongoing Masters Research Projects

8. NGIYEMBERE VEDASTE: Stakeholders’ Engagement and Water Supply and Sanitation Project Sustainability in Rwanda: A Case of WASAC in Three Selected Districts of Kigali City

9. NIVEL NIBIGIRA: Factors Affecting Effectiveness of Strategic Management in Commercial Banks: A Case Study of KCB Bank in Burundi

10. MUTUKU SALESIUS MAKAU: Exploring the Dynamics of Interest Rate Changes on Stock Prices in the Nairobi Stock Exchange

11. JANECIE Umutoni RANGIRA: Effect of Agile Project Management on Performance of Construction Projects in Rwanda: Case Study of NPD COTRACO

12. WEHLIYE AHMED DAKAT: Influence of COVID-19 Crisis Mitigation Strategies on Performance of Tana River County in Kenya

13. AMORO M. FLORENCE: Strategy Determinant on Organizational Growth Among Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies in Kisii County, Kenya

14. RWIGAMBA FRED: Proper Financial Record Keeping and Sustainable Growth of Agribusiness Enterprises in Rwanda: Case
Study of Moozays Dairy and Crop Farm Ltd

15. BELLA GLORIA KINTORE: Exploring Leadership Styles and Their Influence on Performance Effectiveness: Case Study of Haguruka – Defending the Rights of Women and Children

16. UWASE BELYSE: Evaluating the Impact of Project Team Practices on Project Success: A Case Study of Alpha Brokers Company Ltd in Rwanda

17. MANIRAHAFASHA DENYS: Assessing the Influence of Project Quality Control Practices on Project Efficiency in Rwanda: A Case of the Ministry of Education

18. DONATILLE UMUTONIWABO: Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Access-to-Smartphone Projects in Rwanda: A Case Study of ITEL Rwanda

19. AKIMPAYE URIELLE OLGA: The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation for Sustainable Development Project in Rwanda: Case of Mwisoko Project, Promoted by Made in Rwanda

20. REGINE ISHIMWE: Influence of Diversification Strategy on Organization Resilience: Case Study of Bank of Kigali

21. RANGIRA UMUTONI JANECIE: Effect of Agile Project Management on Performance of Construction Projects in Rwanda: A Case of Cheetah Construction Services Ltd

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