Enhanced Payment Options for Nigerian Learners: Pay with Ease in Naira

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Exciting news! We have successfully expanded our payment capabilities to accommodate our Nigerian learners. Now, they can make payments in Naira using a variety of local options, making their learning experience more convenient than ever before.

With this new feature, our Nigerian members can choose from a range of payment methods, including cards, bank transfers, USSD, PayAttitude, and Visa QR. This development aligns with our commitment to inclusivity, as we have already enabled learners from diverse countries to make payments using their local payment options and currencies, including mobile payments.

To make use of the local payment options initially, Nigerian learners can contact our customer service via WhatsApp or the chat function available at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, they can reach out to us at in**@ao****.com. This will enable us to create a payment link for them. However,they can also pay directly on the site in USD using their card.

We are excited to welcome Nigerian learners into our expanding community, and we anticipate significant benefits for them, including:

Convenience: Payment in Naira and local options offer a hassle-free and familiar payment experience for our Nigerian learners.

Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for currency conversion, learners can save on extra charges associated with international transactions.

Enhanced Access: Local payment options empower more Nigerians to access our e-learning platform, promoting skill development and knowledge acquisition.

Our goal is to extend these local payment options to more African countries, further supporting our mission of facilitating learning across the continent.

In the meantime, all Africans can make payments using USD through their cards, ensuring a seamless payment process for learners across the board. Africans in some select countries including Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda can make payments in their local currency and local payment options directly on the site.

Use the whatsapp or chat function at the bottom of the page for any queries.

Thank you for your continued dedication to advancing education in Africa.

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