Group Work Session on Module One for Applied Writing Skills for PhD Students

Dissertation Writing, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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The PhD students  undertaking a competency-based approach to writing course held their first group work to enhance their skills on sourcing for reference materials. The group work was part of the assignment for the module one of the course. This initiative is an integral part of the social learning component within the context of the competency-based curriculum that the course adheres to.

During the session, the participating members engaged in a comprehensive discussion centered on the critical aspect of sourcing reference materials with a particular emphasis on locating information-rich resources. This is a fundamental skill for any doctoral student, as the quality of reference materials significantly influences the depth and rigour of their research.

One of the primary skill explored was the utilization of academic search engines and repositories to find valuable reference materials. Participants shared insights and strategies to effectively navigate these digital resources, ensuring they can access a wide array of scholarly content. This is essential in the modern academic landscape, where a wealth of information is available online.

Furthermore, the session included a practical demonstration of the concept of mass downloading of research reference materials. This demonstration underscored the importance of efficiently collecting a multitude of reference materials to support one’s research. In the age of digital information, this skill can significantly boost a PhD student’s ability to synthesize diverse sources into their work, ultimately leading to more robust research outcomes.

In addition to practical demonstrations, members engaged in lively discussions about the search strategies that have yielded positive results within their respective universities. Sharing these strategies enriched the collective knowledge of the group, as participants exchanged valuable tips and approaches that have proven effective in their academic journeys.

In summary, the AOSARS group work session provided PhD students with a holistic understanding of sourcing reference materials, with a specific focus on information-rich resources. The event not only addressed the importance of academic search engines and repositories but also demonstrated the necessity of efficient reference material collection. Furthermore, participants shared their successful search strategies, fostering a collaborative learning environment that empowers students to excel in their academic endeavors.




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