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We are pleased to announce a significant advancement in our knowledge-sharing platform. Starting today, we are inviting you to contribute your expertise through thoughtful and insightful blogs on a wide range of  research related topics, such as research software, research policies, country insights on research aspects, regulatory matters,  research news and events.

Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Blog Submissions: We welcome your contributions in the form of well-crafted blogs, limited to 500 words, that adhere to the research-related aspects outlined above.

Editorial Review: To ensure the highest quality and relevance of content, all blog submissions will undergo an editorial review. Our team will assess grammar, structure, and visual elements before publication on the home page under “Recent News.”

Swift Approval: We value your time and commitment to the community. Hence, the approval process will be completed within 24 hours, enabling swift dissemination of knowledge.

The Benefits of Engaging in Blogging:

Diverse Perspectives: Embrace the opportunity to share your unique insights, fostering a diverse range of viewpoints within our community.

Knowledge Dissemination: Through your blogs, contribute to the growth of a comprehensive repository of knowledge, accessible to all members.

Collaborative Environment: Blogs can initiate constructive discussions, promoting collaboration and exchange of ideas among experts in the field.

Recognition and Influence: By contributing valuable content, you enhance your reputation and influence within the AOSARS community.

Celebrating Success: Highlighting positive news and achievements in defense fosters a motivating and encouraging atmosphere among members.

To Get Started:

Access the “Blogs” section within your profile and commence your blogging journey. Your contributions will play a pivotal role in making AOSARS an even stronger platform for knowledge sharing and professional growth.

Let us collectively embrace this opportunity to elevate AOSARS to new heights through meaningful knowledge exchange.

We sincerely look forward to reading your valuable contributions.

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