Onboarding session of AOSARS 2024 PhD students for Applied Writing and Data Analysis course held

Data Analysis, Dissertation Writing, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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The onboarding session welcomed AOSARS 2024 PhD students enrolled in two pivotal courses: “A Competency-Based Complete Guide to Applied Writing Skills for Doctorate (PhD) Level Theses/Dissertations” and “Integrated Data Analysis, Report Writing, & Findings Presentation Course for PhD Students, Incorporating SPSS and Prof Andrew F Hayes Process Macros for SPSS.” This session marked a significant milestone in their academic journey.

Central to the orientation was the mastery of the e-learning system, a vital tool for their academic pursuits. Participants were guided through the intricacies of logging in, accessing course materials, navigating past Zoom recordings, responding to group work invitations, and joining live sessions through Zoom links. Additionally, they were introduced to the alumni group within the platform, fostering networking and knowledge sharing among graduates. Emphasizing the importance of staying informed, the utility of the events and news sections was underscored to ensure participants remained updated on course developments.

Effective email communication was highlighted as crucial, with participants urged to respond promptly to automated emails and mitigate the risk of messages landing in spam folders. Furthermore, the group alumni portion of the e-learning platform was introduced as a forum for collaborative learning, where participants could post queries, share insights, and present their portfolios.

Looking ahead, the way forward involves refreshing profiles to ensure each member has sufficient allocated time for the courses, to be completed within the week. Additionally, the administration is tasked with updating the events page within the same timeframe to include all the events for the session.

In summary, the onboarding session provided a comprehensive foundation for the participants as they embarked on their academic journey, equipped with essential tools, knowledge, and a collaborative spirit to excel in the Applied Writing and Data Analysis courses.

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