A Handbook For Research Methodology:Quantitative, Mixed and Qualitative Methodologies



The book, “A Handbook for Research Methodology: Quantitative, Mixed, and Qualitative Methodologies,” is a comprehensive guide for individuals engaged in research across diverse disciplines. The initial chapters lay the foundation by defining key terms and distinguishing between qualitative and quantitative research. Emphasizing the contextualization of research within the social sciences in Africa, the book provides a nuanced understanding of research levels. The subsequent sections delve into the intricacies of the research process, addressing steps, variables, and the formulation of precise research objectives, questions, and hypotheses. The narrative then shifts to the critical role of literature reviews, guiding readers through components, conceptual frameworks, and the interplay between literature and the development of data collection instruments.

Another significant focus is the debate between qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Various research philosophies, including positivism, interpretivism, and pragmatism, are discussed alongside different research designs and methodologies. Sampling techniques, data collection strategies, and the complexities of data analysis, presentation, and interpretation are explored comprehensively. The book offers practical guidance on writing research conclusions and recommendations, designing tables, and referencing.

Within the context of business research, the handbook navigates the implementation of research functions, detailing steps and categories, including consultancy research and proposals. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of academic journals, steps in publishing, and research dissemination. Ethical considerations in research, including dilemmas, principles, and publication ethics, are addressed in the final chapter.

In summary, “A Handbook for Research Methodology” is a valuable resource offering a holistic understanding of research methodologies, providing practical insights throughout the research process.


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