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At AOSARS journals, we provide a Print-on-Demand service for authors seeking printed copies of their articles in a book format. Our printing policy entails producing books in A4 size, utilizing bond 80gsm paper for interior pages and art gloss 250gsm paper for covers, with text printed in colour for enhanced readability. Articles are compiled into books, ensuring a minimum of ten articles per book; in cases of fewer than ten articles in an issue, additional articles from previous issues are included, while all articles are printed if an issue contains more than ten articles.

To ensure reliable delivery, we utilize reputable courier services such as G4S, Wellsfargo, or DHL, offering tracking options for accountable and timely delivery. The cost for this service is USD 75. Our payment systems convert USD into local currencies for select countries, enabling authors to seamlessly pay through various methods like credit and debit cards, PayPal,  and local mobile payment solutions. Additionally, payments can be made using various global denominations including USD, EUR, GBP, amongst others, depending on your location. Through these specifications and procedures, we aim to provide authors with high-quality printed copies of their articles. 


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