African Online School of Applied Research Skills (AOSARS) is a Pan African online-based research training and consultancy organization targeted to a primarily African audience in academia, Non Governmental Organizations, Industry Research & Development departments, and research consultancy.


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Two major thoughts drive  our actions and contribution to research landscape;


(1) How can African researchers develop impactful research products?


(2) In the development of impactful research, what skills and tools are available to the African researcher to enhance research development productivity? 


AOSARS has developed Africa’s first self-paced eLearning system dedicated to research operationalization. Our competency-based approach fuses theoretical concepts on research and statistical methods with practical applications, with examples from past research products to improve research skills. Graduates must demonstrate competence through the development and publication of their portfolio of acquired competences in the research community forum.


In respect to the second question, we train and equip you on various research softwares. As thought leaders in the research operationalization in Africa and beyond, we’re constantly innovating and improving our services. Our cutting-edge innovations, such as the Letter Number Permutation Article Mining Methodology (LNPAMM), demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our desire to make your research work easier and more efficient.


We’re also proud to host Africa’s largest repository on research operationalization materials and Africa’s largest research community. Our e-learning platform is focused on research operationalization and digital skills within the African research landscape, providing you with a wealth of resources and support to help you achieve your research goals.

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